Weightloss Programs

Doesn't it seem like there's a new diet every week?. There's Atkins, The South beach diet, The Zone, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and hundreds (thousands) of others. So Which One should you try?

Hey, who has enough time to really review the merits of each?

In this section we'll try to save you some time and provide you with a brief synopsis of each plan along with a sample menu. Hopefully, you'll be able to get a feel for each diet without having to plunk down your money at the local book store or join a program.

The Zone Diet Get The Facts about Dr. Barry Sear's sensible eating plan --The Zone Diet.

Atkins Diet Have a look at this Carb Restricted eating plan. ...But first pass the dinner rolls ;) .

Weight Watchers Here's a quick capsule review of the ever popular Weight Watchers weight loss plan

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