Weight Watchers is one of the oldest and most successful diet programs in the world. The weight watchers experience includes a sensible and extremely flexible eating plan combined with the support and encouragement of weekly weigh in meetings.

The eating plan is constantly being updated with the latest in weight loss research, typically a newly updated plan is unveiled every year. With weight watchers no foods are completely restricted so boredom is less of a factor then with other weight loss programs.

Currently the Weight Watchers plan uses a points system for counting food. When you join the program you are given a range of points that you need to consume each day. Everything you eat has a points value associated with it. Simply keep the number of points you consume within your points range and you’ll be okay.

Since no foods are completely “off-limits”, a typical meal can be very much like you may already be eating.

Here’s an interesting dinner selection:

Two slices of real Pizza Parlor pizza
1 large salad with low fat dressing
Diet soda

3 chips ahoy chocolate chip cookies
4 oz 2% milk

My Take...
I’ve been on Weight Watchers several times and have successfully lost weight on it. I like that I can eat things like pizza, cookies (etc) and other snacks that are considered absolute no-no’s on other weight loss plans.

The flexibility of the plans means that it is a much less drastic change than what you’re probably already eating. The weekly meetings provide added incentive to stick to the program.

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